How to get google adsense account approved with flixya

Many times adsense rejects your application due to not following it's content guideline or other issues, but don't worry you can still make your account with Flixya a social networking engine powered by google adsense.

Follow the given below steps to get google adsense account approved.

  1. First go to flixya and Create an account.
  2. Update your profile and provide basic information
  3. Upload minimum 10 things , it may include photos, videos, and articles
  4. After 10 uploads it will ask you if you have an already adsense account click no
  5.  No it will ask you to apply adsense account now apply for the adsense account
  6. It will take some time so be patient and mean time upload more and more stuff , remember that stuff should be your own.
  7. After 3 or 4 days or it may take more you will be sent a mail about the approval of your google adsense account , if it is approved then upload more and more original content to get more revenue.
  8.  If your account is rejected then do not worry and apply again and again finally you will get an approved valid adsense account.

How to get google adsense account approved without a website

To get Google Adsense Account, one should have his own website but if  not even then there is a alternative way to get approved your Google Adsense Account through Indyarocks. Now follow the given below steps to get google adsense account approved.

  1. First go to Indyarocks and Create an account at Indyarocks
  2. Update your profile and profile image
  3. Upload minimum 10 Photos and 2 blog articles. Try to add more and more if you add more, it will be  beneficial for you. Do not upload photos and articles of other people.Try to upload genuine content and your own photos.
  4. Make friends as many as possible this will help to generate more revenue.
  5. Upload more photos, videos , articles, to maximize the revenue.
SNO 2 and 3 is compulsory to apply Google Adsense Account and get approved. It is not guaranteed that your application will approve at first submission .As it will depends on your quality of photos and other uploaded material , the key is that apply again and again with some additional uploads.

After submission of application you have to wait upto 15 days to two months. So don’t worry about delay, in the mean time you continuously update your photos, blog and make more and more friends. This will give you two benefits, one, your chance to get approve application more and second when your application approves you have sufficient visitors to your pages. More visitors means more revenue that you can earn.

Getting adsense approved for blogspot easily

Currently due to the huge demand of adsense accounts with blogspot google has decided to reply the application with the same reply "Thanks for your interest in google adsense we reviewed your application but at the moment we can't accept your application due to the following issues"
Page type
There is a simple way by which you can get your adsense account approved for blogspot easily.

(1) Get the free domain name

There are many sites which provide you free domain names but here I will tell you about a free domain named domain.
steps are given below.
(1.1) Go to domain registration page and register yourself.
(1.2) Select your free domain name.(select the name according to the topic of your site)

(1.3) Activate your account and login to your account and click on Set up>> manage domain
now select Zone record and in the host column enter your domain name i.e:
Now select CNAME and for Type enter on the value field.

(2)Redirecting your blogspot blog to custom domain ( domain)

Login to your blogspot account, under settings>publishing, select Switch to custom domain
  • Now enter your domain name in the field and click on save.
  • It will take one to two days or may be 1 to 2 hours to take settings in effect.
  • As soon as your blog is redirected domain , apply for adsense again.
  • Some time Google adsense reject the application, the key word is resubmit your application after doing some modifications.