How to get google adsense account approved with flixya

Many times adsense rejects your application due to not following it's content guideline or other issues, but don't worry you can still make your account with Flixya a social networking engine powered by google adsense.

Follow the given below steps to get google adsense account approved.

  1. First go to flixya and Create an account.
  2. Update your profile and provide basic information
  3. Upload minimum 10 things , it may include photos, videos, and articles
  4. After 10 uploads it will ask you if you have an already adsense account click no
  5.  No it will ask you to apply adsense account now apply for the adsense account
  6. It will take some time so be patient and mean time upload more and more stuff , remember that stuff should be your own.
  7. After 3 or 4 days or it may take more you will be sent a mail about the approval of your google adsense account , if it is approved then upload more and more original content to get more revenue.
  8.  If your account is rejected then do not worry and apply again and again finally you will get an approved valid adsense account.


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